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William Rogers Architects is a boutique Soho-based full service architecture firm. providing services for Residential and Commercial Interior Renovations as well as New Construction. Our seventeen years in lower Manhattan make us experts in the design and construction of spacious modern Lofts, dramatic Duplexes, classic Brownstones and elegant Park Avenue Apartments as well as open airy Offices, inviting Cafes and glamorous Showrooms. In recent years service of our clientele has lead us to Westchester and upstate New York as well as Connecticut, Florida and Germany for a variety of new construction, additions and renovations. Our commitment to alternative Energy and Green building makes us a leader in the field excited to suggest innovations for energy saving and cost cutting. We are proud to contribute to the Greening of our nation and the improvement of our environment. Whether we are designing your office or your home, we believe in service. Listening comes first in our design scenario. We work hard to make sure your space reflects you and helps you bring your dreams into reality. Design Services At William Rogers Architects we are proud of our history of award winning projects and satisfied clients. Aesthetic sense and sensibility informs all our suggestions as we strive to produce the most beautiful and inviting spaces Construction Services Design and Construction like everything else are 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Out 25 years of experience ensure that our focus is on getting things done right; on time and on budget. We work closely with our clients and contractors to facilitate open communications and clear expectations. Regular site visits and thorough reporting are our keys to keeping construction on track. "My passion and great enjoyment for architecture, and the reason the older I get the more I enjoy it, is because we - architects - can affect the quality of life of peopl" Richard Rogers I believe every space should be imbued with a sense of self, the essence of its inhabitant. Our works are like custom clothes, we want them to fit perfectly. We strive on every project, residential or commercial to create a special and unique sense of well-being. It is not only possible, but essential, to bring the heart of our clients into their spaces so they enfold, embrace and elevate their spirits. We achieve this by listening. Often I find we are listening for the silent signals between their actual words: the moments, gestures, expressions, which show us their true heart's desires. People are often slow to reveal these inner hopes, so fragile and so often at first invisible even to themselves. Phase I complete Wendt Gallery – Fuller Building – 57th and MadisonNew Art gallery in famous Deco Skyscraper opens to full house.New crystal Urea flooring forms seamless tapestry with unique soft textureMinimalism and neutral wall tones highlight Modernist Painting ProgramPhase II – new private sales suite with Multi-media capabilities. Under construction Nishimae Residence – Tribeca Penthouse loft Modernist/Japanese fusion for creative Japanese-American family.New Copper Skylight glows with LED lighting andcreates Sun-splashed interior warmed by Bamboo Floors and Green GlassIncreased cross ventilation and central HVAC improve livability and cut costs. Under construction Kassapidis Residence – Lincoln Center, NYC Full 2 bedroom, 3 bath renovation opens wall between Kitchen and Dining for modern flow-thru living. Exquisite au-courant Madagascar Ebony and White Gloss Formica cabinetry compliment this stylish His and Her Physician couple.Glass, porcelain and white Carrara marble tiles bespeak warmth and elegance.+ More Projects